Q. "Do I need any special paperwork to rent a police, fireman, or postal worker uniform?"

A. Yes! To rent any official uniform we require a letter of responsibility from your producer and a certificate of insurance. We have a standard letter of responsibility that we can email you to be filled out by the production company.


Q. "Do you have duty belts for the Police uniforms?"

A. We do have duty belts. They are equipped with holster, handcuff case, mace case, mag case, and nightstick ring holder. They do not come with the gun.


Q. "What is a Memo Rental?"

A. This 48 hour rental, charged at 35% of the weekly rental price, is for fitting purposes ONLY.  Anything you decide to keep and use on the shoot will be charged at the weekly rental, minus what you paid for the "memo." 


Q. "Can I take out a “memo” over the weekend?"

A.  We no longer offer weekend memos. All memos taken out Thursday are due Friday. 


Q. "If I am working on a theatrical project and need a few extra days on the memo, would that be allowed?"

A. Yes. We will be happy to accommodate your fitting needs.


Q. "I can't come in but I know what I'm looking for - can you pull costumes for me?"

A. Yes, for a Pull Fee of $40/hour, we can do that for you. (Minimum one hour.)


Q. "What is your hold policy?"

A. We allow short term holds (24 hours.) Longer holds require a credit card deposit and a $25 restocking fee if none of the items are rented.  If you would like to reserve a costume for a future rental date, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee the item will be available for you when you need it.  The deposit will be credited to your rental.


Q. "Do I need to clean items before returning them?"

A. No! Unless the garment or item is thoroughly soiled, Alias Costumes will be responsible for the cleaning.